April 12 2014 Meet

Thanks to everyone who came out last week to attend our April meet. We had a great turnout and lunch to kickstart the season. Looking forward to many more this year!

Sorry we couldn’t snap a shot of everyone’s car. Here are some quick shots after lunch:


Two of many FRS’ at the meet.


Derrick’s Camaro looking clean on new suspension and wheels.

C230 Coupe

Out after a long winter of hibernation.


We’ll have more details on May’s meeting details shortly. Stay tuned!

Ultra 94

Ultra 94

Ultra 94

If you haven’t heard, Petro Canada’s Ultra 94 is one of Canada’s highest octane fuel available only in Ontario and Alberta.  They also happen to be one of our sponsors for the club. Be sure to check out upcoming offers and promotions at our events to find out more on what they have to offer UCCC and our members for 2014.


If you haven’t already noticed, we’ve been working on some changes for the site as of late. Our progress has been slow but we’re still powering through the hurdles. Don’t let that stop you from checking out our updates on Facebook though. We’re excited to see you at the upcoming events!

University of Calgary Car Club